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The area of Sauternes is a small region located on left bank of the Garonne 40 kilometers south-east of Bordeaux. This area is crossed by the Ciron, small tributary of the Garonne. The SAUTERNES appellation extends approximately on 1956 hectares (Barsac included) and on the territory of five towns: Sauternes (416 ha), Bommes, Fargues, Preignac and Barsac.

The wines of Sauternes are gilded, sweet, but also fine and delicate. Their " rôti " bouquet develops very well with ageing, becoming rich and complex, with crystallized orange and hazel nut, honey notes. The " rôti " is the specific character given by the noble rot to the Sauternes wines, which results in a taste and flavours of crystallized.
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