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Chateau Filhot 2010


Vineyard position : South of the village of Sauternes on south-west facing slopes

Harvesting : By hand with successive passages through the vines


Fermentations : In 50 hectolitre temperature-controlled stainless steel vats

Temperature of fermentation : Between 19 and 21 degrés C

Length of fermentation : From 10 to 30 days depending to the grape variety and the concentration

Filtration : Light and gentle filtration 10 months after the fermentation (no sterile filtration)

Blending : Approximately 14 months after fermentation

Maturing : 2 years in barrel and vats

Barrels : Oak from the Allier forest of central France, 1/3 new barrels yearly

Bottling : 20 to 24 months after fermentation
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